Partnership & Collaborators

The Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence for Sub Sahara Africa has being employing a systems-driven basic science approach within a project-management environment. Thus, the centre will operate primarily in the early research and development arena. Once technology is developed, the centre works closely with industry partners through technology-transfer mechanisms or collaboratively to achieve commercial implementation. The Technical Transfer Working Committee of the Centre of Excellence for Sub Sahara is poised to rapidly disseminate resulting technologies by protecting intellectual property and providing a one-stop shop for industry partners.

More information about technology-transfer opportunities from Sustainable Energy Centre research is available from the Director’s Office of the Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence.


The holistic management of land, water and living resources to promote conservation and sustainable use to enhance human well-being for renewable energy production and consumption. The main purpose of this Regional Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence for Sub Saharan Africa is to make Africa self-sustaining, self-reliant, and independent by producing and harnessing available energy within our manpower through the training of our local engineers and scientists, which are in short supply, to be able to Manufacture, Design, Share Ideas, Programme, Project, Agree, Experiment, Be Practical, Affordable, Proven, Efficient, Generate, Diversify, Experience, Evaluate, Pilot, Specialize, Commercialize, Install, Assess, Monitor, Test, Simulate, Develop, Operate, Maintain, Become Responsible, Grow, Couple, Manage and Sustain those machineries so that we can consume what we produce and produce what we consume. The future generations should expect to have their energy needs be reliable and sustainable. This has us more concerned than ever before with figuring out how we can tap renewable energies to make a long-run contribution that is environmentally compatible and climate friendly for the development of Sub Saharan Africa.

Translating the Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence research results in the testing of applications and potential commercial deployment, which is an important step toward reaching the Centre of Excellence objectives.

The Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence will form a “commercialization committee” of technology-transfer and intellectual property (IP) management professionals from partner institutions to evaluate the commercial potential of new inventions arising from Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence research and to promote and facilitate the licensing of Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence inventions which will be posted on the centre’s website. To build external relationships that can promote commercialization of new technologies, The Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence will provide opportunities for companies to become Industry Affiliates.


• World Energy Council

• African Energy Commission

• The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)

• Nigerian Energy Commission

• National Automotive Council – Nigeria

• UNIDO Regional Centre for Small Hydro Power in Africa

• World Association of NGOs

• Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria

• Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria

• Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

• National Board for Technology Incubation

• Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute

• Sokoto Energy Research Centre

• Nsukka Energy Research Centre

• Institute of Petroleum Research and Development

• National Centre for Energy and Environment

• Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina

• Nigerian Association of Technologists in Engineering

• Raw Materials Research and Development Council

• National Automotive Council.

• National Centre for Hydropower Research and Development

• Nigerian Society of Engineering Technicians

• Agric Graduates Association of Nigeria

• Clouston Energy Research U.S.A. LLC

• Sustivar Group of Companies.

• Okenyi Associates Ltd.

• Southern Energy Ltd.